The Advanced Extractor module, is identical to the Extractor Module, except that it has white/blacklist functionality.

The Mk 1 aka base Advanced Extractor pulls 1 item at a time, the Mk 2, pulls a bit faster than the mk 1, and the Mk 3 pulls multiple stacks at a time.

Crafting RecipeEdit

These are the base, Mk 2, and Mk 3 respectively.

  • Extractor Module with a piece of Redstone
  • 1. Adv. Extractor and Gold Gear, 2. Extractor Module Mk 2 and redstone, 3. Adv Extractor Module and Redstone Golden Chipset


The GUI is the same for all 3 teirs of the Advanced Extractor Module.


The gui is the same for the base, Mk2, and 3 Adv Extractor

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