The Logistics Disk is used to create request macros. The Logistics Disk can only be used in the Request Logistics Pipe Mk2.



2013-03-24 02.02.35


  • 1 Redstone
  • 4 Ink Sac
  • 4 Gold Nugget


To use the Logistics Disk it must be in a Request Logistics Pipe Mk2. To place it in the pipe right click on the pipe with the disk in hand. In the bottom right corner the disk will be in a box above the request button. To access the disk's interface click on the disk button.

Creating Macros
In the disk GUI there will be an Add/Edit button use this to bring up the options to create the item set. A new GUI will open that looks similar to the Logistics Request Pipe GUI. In this menu you may select items by clicking on them to add it into your Macro Items.