These videos from Direwolf20 provide a demonstration of the basic functions of Logistics Pipes.


This video shows the following pipes and tools in use:

Mod Spotlight - Logistics Pipes v0.1.7 (BC 3.108:37

Mod Spotlight - Logistics Pipes v0.1.7 (BC 3.1.2)

This video demonstrates the following additional pipes and modules which were not covered in the previous video:

Mod Spotlight - Logistics Pipes 0.221:05

Mod Spotlight - Logistics Pipes 0.2.0

Note that the priority system mentioned in this video was changed in a later version. Also, the QuickSort Module pulls out stacks of all sizes if the connected inventory has at least 27 slots and the items have a destination within the network which isn't a default route.

These items are not covered in any of these videos:

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