The Passive Supplier Module will give a specified amount of items a destination to travel to when entering the network when installed into a Chassis. It works as a hybrid of the Supplier Logistics Pipe with partial requests enabled and the Basic Logistics Pipe, but it will not send active requests, accepts only the specified amount of items and it can not be set as a default route.




  • 1 Blank Module
  • 3 Redstone Dust
  • 2 Rose Red
  • 1 Iron Gear & 2 additional Rose Red or 1 Iron Chipset



  • Providing a high priority destination for items entering the network



Requested items: Place items here to have this amount of specified items inserted into the connected inventory after entering the network.

Plug & Play

Without configuration it will not add any functionality to the chassis.


  • It sends no active requests, therefore it will not draw items from an Crafting Logistics Pipe or Provider Logistics Pipe.
  • It has a high priority for the configured items.

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