The Provider Module adds the functionality of a Provider Logistics Pipe to a Chassis (providing items requested by the network).




  • 1 Blank Module
  • 3 Redstone Dust
  • 2 Lapis Lazuli
  • 1 Golden Gear & 2 additional Lapis Lazuli or 1 Golden Chipset



  • Providing items for the network from the connected inventory



  • Items to provide: Place items here which the Provider Module should be allowed to pull out of the connected inventory if requested. Leaving this field empty allows all items to be pulled out.
  • Include/Exclude: Include is the standard setting which allows the items set in "Items to provide" to be pulled out, while Exclude forbids those items set (but allows every other item to be pulled out).
  • Switch (Mode: Normal/Leave 1st stack/Leave last stack/Leave first & last stack/Leave 1 item per stack): This switch offers additional configuration options for ignoring items:
    • Normal: All items set by the other options will be pulled out if requested.
    • Leave 1st stack: Ignores the first slot of the connected inventory, regardless of the other settings.
    • Leave last stack: Ignores the last slot of the connected inventory, regardless of the other settings.
    • Leave first & last stack: Ignores the first and the last slot of the connected inventory, regardless of the other settings
    • Leave 1 item per stack: Ignores the first item of each stack in the connected inventory.

Plug & PlayEdit

Installing it into a Chassis without configuration makes it pull out items from an adjacent inventory with no limitation (all items, no reserves) if requested by the network.


  • Setting the mode "Leave 1 item per stack" in combination with a Polymorphic ItemSink Module in a chassis connected to the same inventory creates an easy way to configure which items will be stored in this chest. Recommended if you have a limited amount of resources for Logistics Pipes and want to store many different items (9+) in small quantities (less than 1 stack) in one inventory.

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